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3 Reasons Why an Executive Headshot Will Increase Your Views on LinkedIn

Getting the right Linkedin profile set up can do wonders for your business. Linkedin is an incredibly powerful tool for industry news, networking, or keeping in touch with clients. Well-executed profiles can really catapult your brand into new territories and give it exposure. However, while you might have your company all set up on Linkedin, have you ever thought about how your profile looks? Your personal profile is just as important as your business page, and it is important to keep both consistent.
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Healthcare Professionals: 4 Reasons Why You Need An Executive Headshot

As a healthcare professional, you might think you do not need an executive headshot. After all, you are not running a business, nor do you deal with clients as such, so there is no need for it…right? Well, sure, but think about how your practice and how you market yourself.