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3 Reasons Why an Executive Headshot Will Increase Your Views on LinkedIn

Getting the right Linkedin profile set up can do wonders for your business. Linkedin is an incredibly powerful tool for industry news, networking, or keeping in touch with clients. Well-executed profiles can really catapult your brand into new territories and give it exposure. However, while you might have your company all set up on Linkedin, have you ever thought about how your profile looks? Your personal profile is just as important as your business page, and it is important to keep both consistent.

The main differentiator for both these pages, of course, is you. The company page showcases your business and its highlights, but what does your personal profile tell others about you. And more importantly, what would you like it to tell about you? There are countless tips and tricks out there to try and boost your profile views, but usually, all you need is something simple: A good, professional executive headshot. Here’s why:

It shows how seriously you take your business

A blurry, outdated shot communicates that you really do not care about your profile. This might lead people to think you are inactive, or indifferent to your notifications.

Ultimately, it leads people to ignore your profile in pursuit of other updated ones. On the other hand, a crisp, clean executive headshot serves to tell others that you take yourself seriously. You are here to network, and learn more about others in the industry, and you are professional about it. Instead of an old shot that does not build a connection, a professional executive headshot builds trust.

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Your executive headshot lets people know you are approachable

Your headshot communicates for you, so what do you want it to say? A friendly, professional headshot effectively tells profile visitors that you are approachable and ready to chat. The way you structure your profile and headshot is very important in gaining more views, and they need to work in tandem.

Your photographer can help plan a shot that communicates your approachability. This is definitely needed for networking, and to increase your profile views.

boston executive headshots

It gives people a quick way to get to know you

Approachability and professionalism are two aspects that you definitely want to communicate … but what else? Are there certain hobbies or interests you would like to put forward? Take the opportunity to think outside the box, and work with your photographer to make it more creative.

You might think the thumbnail on Linkedin is teeny tiny, but it can tell people a lot about you right from the start! Introducing smaller elements into the picture, such as a creative background or different objects, can help create a more meaningful shot that gets you the profile views you want.

Executive headshots are a great return on investment, but in order for them to be as successful as possible, it is definitely important to work with your photographer beforehand to settle expectations. An executive headshot can definitely boost your Linkedin profile visibility, but if that is the main goal, definitely tell your photographer beforehand. They have a lot of experience in crafting shots for social media, and can help guide you to create a shot that works well for Linkedin and other platforms.

boston executive headshots
Donis Perkins