Executive Headshots for Everyone On Your Business Team

Your team is an extension of you, so investing in them is essentially investing in yourself. Professional executive headshots are a part of this. Your team is working for you and is representing you. A professional headshot helps them establish credibility, build trust with clients, and ultimately, bring in more revenue for you. Marketing material, digital content, your website – all of these elements of branding benefit greatly from a professional headshot. Here are some reasons why your team absolutely needs headshots.

Save time and money with a smooth and efficient process

One of the bigger myths around professional headshots is that it’s costly and takes way too much time. Perhaps that’s true with an unprofessional photographer, but not if you’re working with a professional with years of experience. With a (truly) professional photographer, your business team’s headshots will be smooth and efficient, which will end up saving you money. I have developed a system that gets work done in higher volumes and a fast turnaround time, meaning there’s less lost productive time for the team- a true win-win!

boston executive headshots

Helps clients get to know your business better

Clients prefer a familiar face. They want to know who they’re speaking to and who they’re working with. Using executive headshots in email signatures and other branded material sent to clients, like pitch decks and follow-ups, lets clients get familiar with your team. It’s a small touch that doesn’t go unnoticed, and professional headshots are a good tool for your Boston business to help you build relationships long-term.

boston executive headshots

Executive headshots build on branding

You’ve built your company on a brand and established its identity. Having consistently styled headshots for your business team enables your marketing material and branding to really shine. With a professional headshot in place, articles have more authority, websites look more polished and professional, and overall, it signals a professional operation, which is always good for your brand.

Professional headshots have a lot of benefits for your team and, by extension, you. A professional headshot for your business team can boost your reputation and become a valuable branding asset for your team.

boston executive headshots
Donis Perkins