How Corporate Headshot Photographer Donis Perkins Can Help You

Are you just starting out in a new industry and looking for some fantastic headshots to help you connect with your clients? A great headshot can convey a high degree of professionalism and help your audience connect with you. Clients are more likely to trust you and feel more comfortable around someone who looks like a professional. I am corporate headshot photographer Donis Perkins, and I can create the perfect headshot for your business needs.

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5 Tips for Getting a Great Corporate Headshot

If you’re still not sure how I can help you, check out some of these tips for getting the best headshots possible:

1. Your photo should represent your industry. Your want your headshot to appeal to your target audience-the lighting, background, and poses should match your profession. For example, an investment banker and a musician are going to want to convey very different messages in their headshots. Your photo should showcase the unique qualities of your profession.

2. Avoid trendy, here-for-the-moment clothing and glamour shots. Unless you happen to be in the fashion industry, avoid overly trendy items that might look dated in a year. Stick with solid colors, because flashy patterns can backfire. Don’t get carried away in trying to make yourself look ultra-glamorous either. Overly stylized hair and makeup creates a fake image-you want your clients to see the real you. A natural image will make clients more likely to see you as a trustworthy individual. I’m happy share my recommended clothing for corporate executive headshots.

3. Know the layout and back up photos. It’s important that you know what types of layouts your headshot will be used in before you arrive for your session. The layout can make a huge difference in the background style that I use when creating your headshots. It’s also important to have a few back up copies of your headshots on various media.

4. Don’t try to do it at home. The availability and ease of use of digital cameras has created many amateur photographers. Just keep in mind that phrase “amateur” photographers. Yes, an amateur could produce a decent headshot with a little work, but that is not the image you want to send. You don’t want potential clients to think you are just “decent” at your job-you want them to think you are a polished, outstanding professional. To convey this through your headshots, you need a professional photographer.

Yes, an amateur could produce a decent headshot with a little work, but that is not the image you want to send.

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5. Be yourself. You might have noticed that your professional photos always make you look like a wax figure-stiff, unnatural, and uncomfortable. Relax and have fun with the experience-talk about your profession, show me your personality, and let me know what you want to achieve with these headshots.
Your clients gather an important first impression from your headshots. You want these photos to be both professional and realistic, and I can help you achieve this goal. If you would like to work with a fun, easy going professional corporate headshot photographer, please feel free to contact me for more information or book a session now.

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