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Why Board of Directors Meetings = The Perfect Time for Updated Corporate Headshots

Board meetings can be hectic. There’s always a full agenda of pressing business to get to, and everyone has other places they need to be as soon as the meeting is over. You barely have time to greet one another before everyone is off in another direction (and probably to another meeting). With this in mind, it might seem strange, but this is one of the best times to take professional headshots.

Here are a few reasons why this is the case:

1. All the VIPS are in one place.

By their very nature, people on your board of directors are busy. They are successful people with lot of things to do and people to see. This means it’s next to impossible to get them all together.

But when you have a board meeting, you are halfway there. Simply add taking photos to the agenda, and let people know that they’ll need to stick around for a minute or two after the meeting wraps up.

This saves you the time and trouble of tracking everyone down individually, and it saves them the trouble of finding time in a hectic workday.

2. Everyone is on the same page, appearance-wise.

Have you ever seen corporate headshots that are all over the place in terms of appearance? One person is in a suit and tie, the next person is in khakis and a polo shirt, and then there’s the picture of the guy on a fishing trip.

This is not a good look for your business. It says you can’t be bothered to put together professional, top-notch photos of some of the most important people in your company.

It’s an even worse look for the people that weren’t dressed for the occasion. No matter his title, the person who was on vacation in his photo is going to have a hard time being taken seriously.

In contrast, at a board meeting, everyone is already dressed for business. You get all the board members looking their best and most professional. Again, this makes it easier for you, but more importantly it makes them look better.

3. Great corporate headshots build trust.

Like it or not, people will judge you based on your appearance. Your employees want to know that the people in charge of the company are intelligent and professional. And your clients want to know that you take their business seriously.

A stately, refined corporate photo will send all the right signals about you and your business. It will put people’s minds at ease, and they will feel comfortable with you – all before you ever step foot in the room.

This is why your board meeting is the ideal place for a photo session. Everyone already has business on the mind – and that will come across in the picture.

Get your corporate headshots at your next board meeting

The next time the board of your company meets, contact me to arrange a quick, professional executive headshot session. I’ll get the executive headshots you need without interfering with your meeting, and you’ll love the look it conveys about your business – guaranteed!

Donis Perkins