How to select a Boston headshot photographer for your business

When you want to promote your business on the web or in print, it’s time to find an executive headshot photographer.  There are stock images and custom graphics galore to illustrate your concepts, but what about your team?  Potential clients want to feel like they know the people they’ll be working with. For that, it helps to show your faces.  Here is a short primer on choosing a professional Boston headshot photographer.

Check the headshot photographer’s references

To start with, look at samples and communicate with a photographer’s past clients. A photographer should be willing to share references and allow you to look at his portfolio. This allows you to size up his work, his personality and his professionalism. Now let’s take a look at some of the specific information to look for while perusing the portfolio and references.

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Is the photographer flexible and professional?

Make sure you’re looking at a headshot photographer who works with you. As the song goes, “Nothing ever goes as planned.” Busy periods come up. Weather changes. Somebody gets sick. The budget is strained by unforeseen circumstances. When plans have to change, how flexible is your photographer? Is he quick to reschedule or go back to the drawing board as needed? The best professionals in any field take a problem-solving approach to challenges. They make it clear that they’re in your corner.

Next, look for someone who knows the ropes. Experience and know-how go hand in hand. There are many aspects of production such as lighting, poses, retouching, and many others. Someone with a lot of experience has had the chance to find out what works. He’ll steer you safely past possible mistakes.

Is the headshot photographer reliable and responsive?

It’s risky to do business with a photographer who isn’t consistent and dependable. This refers to both the quality of his work, and also in his responsiveness and punctuality. Does he return your calls? Does he arrive when he says he will? Are there a few bad shots looking back from his portfolio? Your time and money are on the line, so choose a professional who steps up to the plate and makes it happen for every client.

While you’re looking at that portfolio making sure everyone looks good, see if they have a look that suits your business. The purpose of corporate head shots is to communicate to potential clients that your team is trustworthy, likable and professional. Does the photographer you’re considering produce images that effectively convey all of these things?

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Does the photographer put his or her clients at ease?

I imagine this is often overlooked, but please consider a headshot photographer’s personality. This person should put subjects at ease and make them look great. I used to put a lot of stock in someone’s phone demeanor, but this has proven to be a mistake. A reference check is essential for all of the qualities you seek in your photographer, but especially this one. Anyone can sound nice over the phone, but you need a someone who is congenial in person. Working with the photographer should be a pleasure.

A professional headshot photographer for more than 20 years, Donis Perkins specializes in corporate events and professional business headshots for busy executives. Click here to see how Donis can make your team look great.

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