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This Is Why You Need New Professional Headshots

When executives get their professional headshots done, they often forget to update it. Too many LinkedIn profiles have the same headshot from 20 years ago. They use the same old photo for conferences and speaking engagements, and it gets harder and harder for people to recognize them.
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3 Mistakes Boston Companies Make When Using Professional Headshots On Their Website

Websites have become the new business card in this new digital realm, and that will only increase as people become more tied to the internet. Not everyone will read the entire copy on your website, but they will look at your professional headshots.
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Executive Headshots: What You Need To Know About Retouching

I am committed to taking great executive headshots while respecting your time. This is a great deal of responsibility, but I thrive on that. Almost two decades of experience in the field has taught me the essential role executive headshots serve in building a successful brand. I am proud to have created a process that showcases executives at their best -- no matter where they might fall on the professional ladder.
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Executive Headshots: Why Our Process Is Different — And Gets You The Right Shot

Executive headshots are an important part of a business, and can really boost your brand and recognition. Over the many years I have been working with businesses, I have seen how big a role executive headshots can play in their success. So I know how to make sure the process is easy for everyone and gets great results without scheduling headaches.
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Executive Headshots: Choosing The Best Backgrounds

Great executive headshots are the sum of many parts. This can include styling, composition, a comfortable subject, and an effective background. In many ways, the background is the most important part of an executive headshot, because it has the power to make or break a business headshot. If it's too busy, it distracts from the person being photographed. Too neutral/boring, it looks stuffy and traditional, and may not convey the modern look and feel you're going for. So to mitigate that, here are some of the best ways to pick a background for your Boston executive headshot.
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Your Executive Headshots Look Best In Your Office

When hiring a Boston photographer for your executive headshots, it's important to consider logistics. How will so many people get their photos done when there's so much going on? Will they need to go back and forth to different locations? What if the headshot process takes way too long?
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Choosing Executive Headshot Photographers: What to Look For

Believe it or not, a business headshot is one of the most important…
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3 Reasons Missing an Executive Headshot Hurts Your Business

In a decade where a social media page is valued by the number of likes on a selfie, it can hurt your business if you don't have a professional executive headshot. But even worse than a badly taken selfie is not having a headshot at all. Here are three reasons why.
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Professional Headshot – 17 Reasons you Need One

In the age of selfies, and a camera in every pocket, there are a lot of amateur headshot photos being used online and offline these days. But you need a professional headshot, and these are the reasons why.
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Work In Professional Services? You Need an Executive Headshot

Offering professional services can be a complex challenge, no…
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Executive Headshots are the Key to Rebranding Your Website

A potential customer is shopping around and comes across your…
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Why You Should Offer Executive Headshots at Corporate Events and Conferences

With dozens of conferences, professional, and corporate events…
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Is a Professional Headshot the Key for Success on LinkedIn?

You know that more and more companies are recruiting employees…
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Executive Headshots for Everyone On Your Business Team

Your team is an extension of you, so investing in them is essentially…
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Professional executive headshots make a difference

Executive headshots are a fundamental part of a business, in terms of both internal and external branding. It is a key tool you can use to promote your business, convey core values, and drive better awareness for your brand. However, many Boston businesses resist getting executive headshots - and that is a mistake.
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Executive Headshots: 4 Reasons Why Creatives Need One

The creative industry is arguably one of the most competitive industries out there. Whether you are in graphic design, web design, or the arts, you are always asked to stand out from the rest of the crowd. As someone in a similar industry, I have a unique perspective on the role of executive headshots. I see the impact they have on my photography business with clients and the difference they can make for creative professionals. It's been clear from my experience that having an executive headshot can make a massive difference in your creative projects. Here are some reasons why.
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Executive Headshots Made Easy – 3 Great Ways!

After extensive experience in the executive headshots business, one thing has become apparent: the biggest challenge of getting executive headshots is something you would least expect. It has nothing to do with equipment or lighting, but the real Achilles heel for headshots? In a nutshell: Scheduling!
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Executive Headshots: 4 Reasons Why Lighting Matters

Effective executive headshots are a lot more nuanced than many might initially think. A lot of considerations go into crafting the perfect shot, and there is a reason why having a professional photo is far better than using a phone camera or poor quality shot in lieu of an executive headshot. One of the big differentiators is lighting. This is absolutely essential for a great photo, but so often overlooked.
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Why Biotech Professionals Need Executive Headshots

Biotech has seen a quick and steady revolution and become one…
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3 Reasons Why an Executive Headshot Will Increase Your Views on LinkedIn

Getting the right Linkedin profile set up can do wonders for your business. Linkedin is an incredibly powerful tool for industry news, networking, or keeping in touch with clients. Well-executed profiles can really catapult your brand into new territories and give it exposure. However, while you might have your company all set up on Linkedin, have you ever thought about how your profile looks? Your personal profile is just as important as your business page, and it is important to keep both consistent.