boston executive headshots

Executive Headshots: 4 Reasons Why Creatives Need One

The creative industry is arguably one of the most competitive industries out there. Whether you are in graphic design, web design, or the arts, you are always asked to stand out from the rest of the crowd. As someone in a similar industry, I have a unique perspective on the role of executive headshots. I see the impact they have on my photography business with clients and the difference they can make for creative professionals. It’s been clear from my experience that having an executive headshot can make a massive difference in your creative projects. Here are some reasons why.

Helps your digital business become more credible

The truth is, a lot of creative jobs are incredibly dependent on the internet, and a key goal is to develop credibility with clients. Creative professionals are always vying for new business, and unfortunately, it is easy for a prospective customer to rule someone out if there is no face to the name.

Clients want to know who they are working with, especially if all of your interactions are over emails or video calls. Having executive headshots in place can really help build out your client communication, and help your business become more credible.

boston executive headshots

Helps build client trust

Photographs help build trust, believe it or not. My own headshot is crucial to my client communication, and I see the difference it makes when clients can put a face to the name. Creative services tend to be fraught with distrust, especially as the industry moves towards digital business. Building trust with clients is the number one priority, and executive headshots help speed up that process.

When there is no headshot, clients are hesitant to work with professionals, as it becomes difficult to associate trust with them.

No matter how you use it, whether over email or on your website, it is always best to have an executive headshot in place.

boston executive headshots

Gives you a professional touch

Jumping off the last point, executive headshots are absolutely essential to bring a sense of professionalism to your business. Creative industry professionals need this sense of professionalism in order to balance their work, and show clients they take the business side of their work seriously.

While your portfolio of work is one aspect of your image, clients also need to see that you treat your work like a business. An executive headshot can help communicate this, and it demonstrates to clients that you are able to strike a balance between your creative and professional self. Between establishing trust and credibility, the executive headshot can serve as a great tool to show off your creative side, while also giving clients peace of mind that they are working with a true professional.

boston executive headshots

Gives clients an idea about your work ethic

At the end of the day, there are a world of things you want to communicate about your creative business. We have established that your business needs to build trust, credibility, and professionalism. But what about your work ethic? Your business philosophy? What do you want clients to know about you right off the bat?

Executive headshots can accomplish all of these things, in one fell swoop. The key is to work with your photographer to establish your brand voice and identity. Using these elements, your photographer can create a headshot that conveys what is important to you, while retaining a sense of professionalism. Whether you would like the headshot to show a quirkier side of you, or perhaps a more serious one, talk with your photographer beforehand! They can help you create an executive headshot that accurately communicates your work ethic and style, without losing credibility.

boston executive headshots
Donis Perkins