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Executive Headshots Made Easy – 3 Great Ways!

After extensive experience in the executive headshots business, one thing has become very clear. The biggest challenge of getting executive headshots is something you would least expect. It has nothing to do with equipment or lighting, but the real Achilles heel for headshots? In a nutshell: Scheduling!

Actually scheduling headshots is one of the bigger challenges a photographer faces in the corporate world. Ensuring punctuality and convenience is just one problem. But I’ve figured it out! I have a system that delivers hundreds of professional headshots to a company in a fast and efficient manner. With the right experience and some simple touches, here is how we make executive headshots easy, simple, and convenient — without interfering with busy schedules.

executive headshots photographer Boston

DIY Scheduling for executive headshots

The first step in our executive headshot process? We let everyone decide their own schedules, rather than deciding for them. Instead of time-consuming back and forths with people, their assistants, and constant calendar appointments, we’ve chosen to bypass that.

I don’t like getting bogged down with administrative details, and I don’t want my clients to experience that either. Instead, I give them an easy way to schedule their headshots online, with minimal effort.

executive headshots photographer Boston

Custom reminders the professional headshot session

The second problem that tends to arise is how forgetful people can be. It is completely understandable, there are a million things going on at once, and it is hard to keep track after a while. With a custom reminder system, we ensure that everyone has autonomy in this process.

Some people prefer to have advanced notice, while others just want a quick reminder right before their appointment. Either way, we let them decide what is best for them, and go from there.

executive headshots photographer Boston

Private, password-protected gallery for executive headshots

So what happens after the photos are taken? Again, my process is all about empowering people to look and feel their best in their headshots. This is why I give them access to a private, password-protected gallery, so they can select the photos they prefer.

I find that the best system is one where there is constant communication with clients, without being too pushy. I like to ensure that clients know they can rely on me from start to finish to provide results fast, without sacrificing quality. My gallery allows people to go through photos at a time convenient to them, while respecting their privacy.

I’ve found this process is always met with resounding enthusiasm and a big reason why my clients continue to work with me. Heads of marketing love it because it removes the headache involved with scheduling perhaps hundreds of staff members.

If you need executive headshots for all your staff, we can make it easy. To learn more about how we can work with you to schedule and take professional headshots for everyone in your company, please contact us today.

executive headshots photographer Boston
Donis Perkins