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Professional executive headshots make a difference

Executive headshots are a fundamental part of a business, in terms of both internal and external branding. It is a key tool you can use to promote your business, convey core values, and drive better awareness for your brand. However, many Boston businesses resist getting executive headshots – and that is a mistake.

There are many reasons for having an executive headshot, but one of the key reasons is that it drives major ROI for your business. Sure, it might be a bit of a hassle or a pain to get photos done. But they keep working for you, year after year, as a vital communication tool. As we move into a digital phase characterized by visuals, a headshot is that much more important.

Here are some things to think about when you’re looking for a photographer. Look for a photographer whose communication style reflects yours, and work with them to create headshots that tell your story — the way you want to.

Approachable Executive Headshots

When brainstorming for executive headshot ideas, the need to look approachable always comes up. While this is especially true for clients within professional services industries (e.g. lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc.), almost everyone is looking for something similar.

Approachability is important. It lets new and existing customers know they can reach out to you without hesitation, and that you are always available when needed. This might be conveyed via your pose in the photo, or the background you choose. Ask your photographer for examples and tips, as they have the experience to help you create the shot you want.

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Confident Professional Headshots

Confidence is an especially important trait for businesses that are just starting out. Whether you are an entry-level professional, starting a new business, or you are simply in a new career stage, executive headshots are a great way to communicate your confidence.

Most professionals like to opt for a blend of approachability and confidence, but either way, it is a crucial trait to demonstrate. Your stance and background matter a lot. A great photographer will work with you to make you comfortable and confident, which will show in the result.

woman professional headshot Boston executive

Trustworthy Executive Headshots

Trustworthiness is crucial in a world that is dominated by fake news and misinformation. You want to stand out from the crowd! You want your audience to know that you are the one they should come to when they have questions. But you also want to show them that they can trust you.

Creating that kind of relationship can take some time, but an executive headshot can help fast-track the cultivation process. Using the headshot when you introduce yourself to new clients provides visual cues so that your brand is easy to trust. No one wants to do business with a faceless company! A business with a face is so much more trustworthy.

woman professional headshot Boston executive


Sometimes, you just want to show your carefree side, we get it. Businesses can seem so stuffy and unapproachable. How do you build a quick rapport with your clients to show your work-life balance? Believe it or not, executive headshots can be a way to do this…without losing a sense of professionalism.

It’s easy to show a more laidback side of yourself without losing sight of your professionalism. A great photographer can help you style yourself, and the shot itself, . Your photographer can best guide you on this, but it is a trait to keep in mind. You can use background elements and props to subtly show off these different qualities, and still maintain an aura of professionalism in your executive headshot.

To learn more about the executive headshot process, and how we can help you build your brand internally and externally with a great headshot, please contact us today.

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