boston executive headshots

Your Executive Headshots Look Best In Your Office

When hiring a Boston photographer for your executive headshots, it’s important to consider logistics. How will so many people get their photos done when there’s so much going on? Will they need to go back and forth to different locations? What if the headshot process takes way too long?

All of these are definitely legitimate concerns, but they don’t need to be! If you’re looking for a simple way to remove all of these logistical barriers, there is an easy solution: Use your Boston office location for executive business headshots! Here’s why:

It’s so much more convenient

Firstly, and of course, logically, shooting at your office is more convenient – both for your team and for the photographer. There’s only one location to manage, no studio time to book, no worry about team members’ changing schedules.

Logistically, it’s easier just to have a first-come, first-serve process at your office to allow everyone to get their headshots done, at a time of their convenience when the photographer’s in. Simple, convenient, and stress-free!

boston executive headshots

Everyone feels comfortable in a familiar environment

Executive headshots are best when everyone feels calm and comfortable. Shooting in a familiar place such as an office location is great for your team, because it’s familiar. Unfamiliar environments like studios might lead to team members becoming more stressed (‘What if I missed something at the office!’), or they just might feel a little awkward during the whole process. Your Boston business headshot photographer can spend some time finding the perfect locations within the office to get great shots of everyone.

boston executive headshots

Easier to schedule executive headshots over multiple days

For larger teams, using your office will be the easiest way to coordinate multi-day shoots across different departments. You can block a conference room for the day and use that as everyone’s headshot background. This is ideal, because it produces a consistent style for everyone. Or, if that’s not feasible, your Boston executive headshot photographer can come in for a few days to photograph executives at their actual office, which will be much simpler to coordinate and will look great in headshots.

Using your Boston location is the easiest and most convenient option when planning executive business headshots, both for you and your team.

boston executive headshots
Donis Perkins