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Okay, So I Got An Executive Headshot Done…Now What?

Executive headshots are an investment for your professional career. That much is certain. Some people are reticent to get an executive headshot done altogether, and others take their headshot and then never really use it. One of the common questions I hear before an executive headshot session is, “Okay, so what do I do with it?”

An important thing to keep in mind before getting an executive headshot done is that it is not just meant to be a file on your computer or something you unearth right before a conference. An executive headshot can be an important tool for personal branding and professional marketing, but this depends on how you view it. So before getting an executive headshot done, think about why you might need it, and let that dictate your process.

Once you have established the reasons for needing it, you can work with your photographer to construct a headshot that serves that purpose. Communicating with your photographer beforehand will save both of you a lot of time since it ensures that you two are on the same page. Plus, your photographer can give suggestions and recommendations based on their experience to help your executive headshot be a success.

Once you have taken your executive headshot, though, what exactly do you do with it? Here are just some of the ways an executive headshot can be used

Consistent social media presence

Whether someone is connecting with you on LinkedIn, or searching for you on Facebook, you want them to see a consistent image of you. We live in a world that is far more visual, and there is more dependence on your photos. We are also seeing growing trends of customers accessing their favorite businesses on a variety of social media channels.

In order to maintain your reputation, it is imperative that your audience sees a consistent image, no matter which platform they are on. While LinkedIn remains a top priority for your business, do not forget about your other social media. You never know who is searching for your profile, so it is safer to have a professional headshot in place across different networks.

executive headshots boston

Personal branding

Social media and personal branding are increasingly connected. You want people to see a consistent image of you, but you also want them to view you a certain way. Perhaps you want to convey a professional and serious tone throughout, or maybe you want to share more of your laidback side for prospective clients. Either way, let your headshot do the talking!

A headshot can be a great first impression, and it is one of the strongest ways to connect with new and existing audiences. Letting your headshot collect dust only does you a disservice. Instead, work with your photographer to create a headshot that conveys the message you want, and use it to reinforce your message.

executive headshots boston

On your website and biography page

Another arm of personal branding is using your business website to communicate these different facets about yourself. While you might use your headshot in conferences or for networking events, do you have it up on your website? Is there a biography page where people can learn about you and your business? Do pages like these exist for your employees?

You can use executive headshots to give people more insight into your business and its employees, and forge a more personal connection. Rather than letting these photos sit buried in your folders, use your website as a marketing tool. The headshots can provide more information about your business, and help people learn about your brand.

executive headshots boston
Donis Perkins