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Case Study: Why Healthcare Organizations Need Executive Headshots

Healthcare organizations such as pharmaceutical companies have a lot of different considerations. One of the most important is to be professional and trustworthy to the highest degree. And one of the best ways to achieve this is by having executive headshots done for the team.

Though it might not seem like an obvious solution, there is a lot of value in having executive headshots for the whole team. It is a great way to signal to potential customers and clients that you and your organization take your profession seriously. As an example, here is a study of a healthcare organization I worked with, and how executive headshots benefitted them.

The Challenge

One of the main challenges I see pharmaceutical companies facing is the need to look professional. Healthcare is all about trust, and many companies in this industry often struggle with establishing and maintaining relationships with clients and customers.

One organization approached me for help. They were looking for a way to be more approachable and establish trust, but without losing their professional touch. And while all of the team had their bios up on the website, they felt flat without photography. The organization wanted to raise its advertising efforts, especially digital, to engage more effectively with with the surrounding community. And without compelling visuals, they felt like their campaigns were going to fall flat.

Sales and Branding

Sales was an absolutely vital part of their business, but it needed a boost. This meant a big campaign with the sales team at the forefront. We started the project with executive headshots of the entire sales team. We got these done quickly, so these could be part of different marketing and sales efforts.

The photos needed to be a similar style for branding purposes. But they also needed to be unique enough that each salesperson seemed friendly and approachable right from the start. They also needed to be crisp, sharp, and look consistent with their website. For this reason, the backgrounds of the photographs were an important point of focus.

executive headshots boston

My approach to executive headshots

My process, as usual, began with a briefing session beforehand, to understand exactly what the client needed. The executive headshots themselves go by fast since I have a system in place. But in the briefing session, I take my time to focus on learning about the company. This included goals, colors, styles, and key stakeholders. We also took the time to scout some locations in the office. Some companies choose to book a conference room for everyone to use, but others prefer a more dynamic approach.

Planning the sessions

In this case, during the briefing session, we decided would mix it up between conference rooms and other office locations, rather than keeping the same background for everyone. Some sales team members wanted a plain background and neutral colors, while others wanted more pop and color. The goal was for everyone’s personality come through in these photographs, while also telling a consistent brand story.

One solution was to have brand colors and logos somewhere in the photographs. This might be in the form of accessories such as ties and jewelry. Another option is to put the logo in the background, but not in focus. Little touches like these help communicate a story while still letting the sales team be the emphasis.

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Scheduling the individual sessions for executive headshots

Before the shoot, I gave each team member access to a calendar to book their individual sessions. This is my standard solution because it makes everyone’s lives easier. People can book a time most convenient for them, and I can more easily manage my workload throughout the day. This was a big team, and I wanted to ensure everything stayed organized and efficient!

Before the photo shoots, I made sure to send a friendly reminder email that included some tips and advice to help ease the nerves. I understand that not everybody loves the process of getting their headshots taken, so I try my best to keep the sessions short and make people feel as comfortable as possible.

The day of the shoot

Depending on the person, we switched locations between their offices, conference rooms, and other parts of the office that could potentially work. Scouting beforehand definitely helped, since I already had ideas of where people could be other than their offices or boardroom. I always make sure to pause in the middle of each session to share the pictures with the person. This allows us to make any changes we needed, while keeping the sessions moving.

Within 24 hours, everyone had links in their inboxes that lead them to their individual galleries. This is my standard procedure, but the team appreciated it nonetheless since they did not want to lose momentum. The individual gallery access allows people to download as many of their photos as they want, but select their favorites for retouching. Each member had their selected photo retouched and returned within 48 hours of sending it to me. Another project completed on time without losing efficiency – my favorite kind!

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Immediate results

I define success based on how clients use their photos, and how happy they are with the photos and also with my working style. Luckily, it was a resounding success on all counts.

First and foremost, the client was able to get their campaign rolled out in the timeline they had envisioned. The lack of delays meant that they were able to hit the ground running and get their sales team the exposure they needed. The local community was able to put faces to the names, which went a long way in building trust with business owners. This helped get the sales team the foot in the door they needed, and they were able to boost revenue.

Long term benefits of executive headshots

And over the long term, having headshots associated with sales team resumes and bios on the website was very important in building trust. As the team expanded markets and territories, they were able to establish themselves quickly because they were easy to look up on the internet. Sales relies on trust and mutual partnerships, and being able to Google someone and have a professional photo and bio come up really helps make a good impression. They found that it was easier to gain new territory and establish partnerships because they were trustworthy right from the start.

The other big result was that I was able to cultivate a long-standing business relationship with the company. I had already photographed the team once, so it is easy for me to come back in and pick up where I left off when they inevitably hire new staff, and team roles change. As the pharmaceutical company has grown, I have been able to capture their important moments and help their team members establish professionalism and trust right off the bat with these executive headshots.

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Donis Perkins