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Executive Headshots: Why Our Process Is Different — And Gets You The Right Shot

Executive headshots are an important part of a business, and can really boost your brand and recognition. Over the many years I have been working with businesses, I have seen how big a role executive headshots can play in their success. So I know how to make sure the process is easy for everyone, and gets great results without scheduling headaches.

Good executive headshots depend on good communication between you and your photographer. It is important for you to understand the process before going into it. Prepare to communicate your expectations to the photographer, so they can understand your needs better, and craft shots accordingly.

Over our years of experience working with companies of all sizes, I have developed a 6-step process that includes scheduling, shooting, reviewing and delivering executive headshots. It’s a painless and efficient way to boost your business profile.

Here’s how:

Session scheduling

Our promise of ease and convenience begins right from the start. There are no flurries of calendar invitation updates, or poor communication resulting in missed appointments. Instead, we designed our method with you in mind.

My online calendar system shows you my availability, so you can book the appointment for your executive headshot online. There is no back and forth — just pick a free day, and then sit back and relax. You can even reschedule it yourself if you need to.

Once the session is booked and confirmed, you will receive tips on how to prepare best for a great shoot.

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The day itself

So you have some tips on how to prepare best, and now it is time for the actual shoot. Your success depends a lot on you and how you approach it, so I have made the process as streamlined as possible. Together we’ll put together a relaxed and easy environment, so you get the best results possible.

I know how to use your time efficiently, while still getting the right shot. We’ll work together on the day of the session to understand your goals and what you intend to use the photos for. I use this information to guide the shoot. My promise is to make the session as easy and enjoyable as possible, and get the results you want.

boston executive headshots

Images for your selection within 24 hours

After years of working with businesses of all sizes, I have personal experience with the speed at which things are done. You are busy, you have a crazy schedule, you like to get things done. I understand this and I do not intend to get in the way!

Within 24 hours of the shoot, I will send you all photos for your review. You will receive a link to a private web gallery containing all your images. All photos are in full resolution, and they are yours to peruse or download if you wish. Pick your favorite ones out of the batch, and these will be retouched.

This way, you can go through the photos at your own pace, and take your time to make the decision. By giving you all the options, you can see what works best for your particular messaging, and decide accordingly.

boston executive headshots

Retouch your selected images

Retouching is a normal part of the process, and we know how to balance retouching without distorting the image. Most images can use a little retouching, and these are usually just minor changes. This might include errant stray hairs, blemishes, bags, and other small changes.

Our goal is not to modify your image completely, but to use our considerable experience to ensure the photo looks as good as possible. I have years of knowledge and experience about what works best, and how to make your image stand out.

We want you to look and feel your best, so your headshot conveys your confidence and poise. Retouching just highlights these qualities.

boston executive headshots

Your finished headshots are in your inbox in 48 hours

My process is built on speed and efficiency, and our goal is to give you the smoothest experience possible. Once you let us know which images you have selected for retouching, you will get the finished images back within 48 hours.

These photos are sent to you via a link where you will be able to download the retouched, finished images at your convenience. You will also receive resources and suggestions as to how to use your photos for the best value possible.

boston executive headshots

Use your executive headshot as you see fit!

Our goal is not just to give you a simple picture, but to help you build an experience. We understand how important your brand and your business are, and we see an executive headshot as a way to communicate this on a larger scale. We want to give you the best experience possible, and give you a headshot that is versatile enough for a variety of platforms and reasons. Whether it is for conferences, networking, websites, or even just a new LinkedIn photo — our promise is to give you a headshot that delivers a real return on your investment.

Our process enables both the client and us to get the right shot and ensure that we are helping you achieve your business deliverables. Whether you are trying to build a brand, infuse more personality into your business, or pivot towards something new and innovative, we can help. Our headshots ensure that you communicate exactly what you want, and look great while doing so.

To learn more about our headshot services, our process, and how we can work with you for your photography needs, please contact us today.

To learn more, please contact us today.

boston executive headshots
Donis Perkins