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3 Reasons Missing an Executive Headshot Hurts Your Business

These days, a social media page is valued by the number of likes on a selfie. So you can miss opportunities if you don’t have a professional executive headshot. A bad photo is one thing, but a missing one is even worse. Here are three reasons why.

Your executive headshot is your “business card”.

It is a big advantage to have a headshot on your business page. Traditional business cards have their place, but it is easier for a potential client to do a quick search of your company on the internet. Also, headshots help clients to recognize you and your business.

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Your executive headshot shows you as trustworthy.

People take seven seconds to judge a person based on their appearance and/or photograph. So you miss this opportunity when you don’t have a face to attach to your company. That’s why it’s crucial to make a good first impression, and lacking a headshot can make you miss this opportunity.

boston executive headshots

Great executive headshots = Great promotion of business

Here at Boston Executive Headshots, we are prepared to give you that perfect headshot. So don’t wait any longer for the perfect headshot to boost your business and your self-confidence. Contact us today.

boston executive headshots

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