executive headshots boston

3 Reasons Why You Need Executive Headshots of Your Team

Your website is important and it should be informative. It’s a great opportunity to use more than just words to tell the story of your business. Potential clients should have a visual image of your company and the people who work there after clicking away from your website. Professional executive headshots of your leadership team on your website helps potential clients build trust before they ever step foot in your door. Headshots give clients a visual representation of your company, which puts their minds at ease when they first contact you.

Consider these three reasons why you need professional headshots of your leadership team on your website:

Sets the tone

A warm and friendly headshot is the digital equivalent of an introductory handshake. It tells potential clients that you are personable, approachable, and happy to help. A group of headshots from your leadership team portrays you as a company full of trustworthy and approachable people. This is also a way to showcase the diversity in your company, and demonstrate the various personalities and talents of each team member.

Professionalize your website

The importance of having executive headshots taken professionally cannot be overstated. Simply uploading pictures that you took on your phone won’t give your company that professional look you’re striving for. Professional portraits are clear and focused. In addition, a great professional portrait will capture each individual’s personality and style. Potential clients won’t necessarily know that you’re a brand new small business if your website and the images on it are polished and professional.

executive headshots boston

Brand image

How do you want to brand your company? Your professional headshots can do this for you through wardrobe, backgrounds, and/or poses. Your leadership team is literally the face of your company, and you want to control how those faces are presented online. Use headshots to appeal to your target audience and to give viewers a feel for your company.

No matter what your business is or how long you have been running it, a good headshot can make the difference between getting new clients and keeping the status quo.

executive headshots boston
Donis Perkins